We specialize in hospital care for older adults with mental illness

Allegiance Behavioral Health has been the regional center for excellence in behavioral health services for older adults 55 years and older since 2005. Patients receive compassionate care from our experienced healthcare team. We recognize that each individual is unique and we are dedicated to personalizing treatment. Allegiance provides a safe, confidential and therapeutic program which focuses on patients' strengths and capabilities.
This is a behavioral unit exclusively for older adults. We have an experienced program with proven success.
We offer the following:

  • Daily Assessments by Psychiatrist and Physician Specialist
  • Family meetings with Psychiatrist
  • Assistance with discharge needs and placement
  • Immediate access to emergency services
  • Screenings provided in home or facility by licensed professionals prior to admission

We do this because we care

Our compassionate health care professionals focus on the strengths and capabilities of our patients. Give your loved ones the care they deserve by trusting the experts at Allegiance Behavioral Health Center of Plainview. Call 806-296-9191 today to speak with someone from our psychiatric hospital about your loved one's health issues and behavioral problems.

Message from the CEO:

Message from the CEO:

Thank you for visiting our Allegiance Behavioral Health Web site. We are behavioral health care facility that specializes in the needs of geriatric adults. Our mission is to assist elderly patients in returning to their lives with the highest level of mental health functioning.

We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for individuals primarily ages 55 and older who are experiencing emotional, cognitive, or behavioral symptoms. These may include memory loss, mood disturbances, anxiety, difficulty coping with losses and transitions, or behavioral conditions that interfere with care at home or in a long-term care setting.

Our hospital serves the general psychiatric needs of geriatric patients, care for dementia including Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive impairments. The staff at our hospital have special training in treating Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia and we understand that along with cognitive changes, many individuals experience additional symptoms or behavioral disturbances such as agitation and aggression. We pride ourselves on providing safe, compassionate, and efficient care for your loved ones.

We also provide treatment for patients with a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia and other thought disorders. We also treat individuals coping with loss, bereavement, and changes in functioning. Families/caregivers are encouraged to be closely involved and participate during the hospitalization. We work together to collaborate with patients and families to provide treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

As all of our patients are individuals, their care should also be individualized to maximize cognitive and emotional health which enhances overall quality of life. Personalized treatment is provided utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, including medication management, active participation in group therapy, individual therapy and activity therapy.

We recognize you have a choice in health care providers and we would like the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones.

Angie Alexander, LPC
Chief Executive Officer

Meet Our Medical Director Dr. Gutierrez.

Meet Our Medical Director Dr. Gutierrez.

Dr. Gutierrez., "Dr. G," has over 20 years experience as a Psychiatrist. He meets with patients each day and encourages family members to meet with him and attend treatment meetings

After completing medical school, Dr. Gutierrez worked on his internship and residency in the Philippines and Houston, Texas, becoming an M.D. and Board Eligible in Psychiatry.

He became Medical Director of Allegiance Behavioral Health Center in Plainview in 2005 and is well respected in a vast number of Texas counties for his excellence in practicing geriatric psych medicine.

Dr. "G" is a member of the Texas Medical Association; Hale, Floyd and Briscoe County Medical Association; Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians; and American Psychiatric Association.

Meeting the President of the United States and the Governor of Louisiana

Our CEO, Rock Bordelon, and his lovely wife Kristi, recently had the privilege of meeting the President of the United States and the Governor of Louisiana to discuss the future of healthcare in our country and in Louisiana!